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Blundstone History

Blundstone boots, or "blunnies", as their owners affectionately refer to them, are an Australian-made brand of boots that are as good looking as they are rugged and durable. Founded  over 140 years ago, the company is still owned and operated by the same family. For more information on this website and the Blundstone company, please visit the About page. 


Blundstone Styles

Blundstone offers a wide variety of boots and shoes, from work boots and safety shoes, to riding boots, to shoes that you can wear to a cocktail party. The Blundstone "Original" style is timeless and can be worn to the office, or on a hike. 


Getting Around

To see what people are saying about the various styles of Blundstones, take a look at the reviews section. If you're interested in shopping or purchasing some Blundstones, feel free to visit the store page. I also encourage you to check out the Video Reviews section, so you can see what real people are actually saying about these great boots! 


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Reviews: 500/510, 550, 490, 62/63, BL566, 160, Rancher

Video Reviews: See them here!

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Blundstone commercials do a good job at being entertaining, while also providing good information about their footwear.

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